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White Night™ - Premium Organic Natural Latex Sleep System

White Night™ - Premium Organic Natural Latex Sleep System

The naturally contouring and long lasting resilience of 100% Natural Latex has been combined with the soothing comfort of 100% Organic Cotton and the all season warming & cooling characteristics of 100% Organic Wool to create a heavenly sleep environment like no other! The White Night™ Premium Organic Natural Latex Mattress features a full 9" core of 100% Natural Latex. A 1" Layer of Ultra-Plush (18 ILD) 100% Natural Latex conforms to your body while a 2" Medium-Firm (24 ILD) Cushioning Layer and 6" Ultra-Form 5-Zone (28-32 ILD) posture support layer comprise the high resilience 100% Natural Latex progressive support substrate layers for outstanding comfort. Surrounded by a temperature neutral comfort layer of 100% Organic Wool, that naturally wicks away moisture, the White Night™ mattress is completely covered with 100% Organic Cotton. Organic Foundation optional/available.

The comfort of Cotton is well known and loved. Organic Cotton is cotton that is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides from plants which are not genetically modified which makes for an all around healthier sleep environment! As Cotton is the only fiber that becomes stronger when wet, it's the preferred choice in hospitals, since it can endure high temperatures and be sterilized. For people concerned with environmental issues, Cotton makes a lot of sense as it is a biodegradable and renewable resource.

Organic Wool is extremely long lasting. It can bend thousands of times without losing form and can evaporate moisture in either a warming or cooling manner allowing it to maintain warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. Wool resists mildew and mold and reduces & discourages dust-mites. Wool fibers are resistant to stains and can naturally pass flame tests used in the bedding industry without the addition of chemical flame retardants. Wool fiber is completely natural and 100% biodegradable.

Natural Latex is tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree on carefully selected plantations near the equator. Latex foam offers many unique health benefits. Made with 100% Latex, natural origin, planet friendly biodegradable material, the "eco friendly" White Night mattress is inherently anti-microbial, mildew proof and dust mite resistant making it the ideal sleep surface for respiratory allergy sufferers. The 6" Ultra-Form 5-Zone Posture Support provides unparalleled spinal alignment and gently contours to the body to promote proper support and pressure reduced sleep for a wake refreshed feeling! Two more additional layers of 100% Natural Latex with progressively increasing density and ILD ensure proper support no matter the sleeper's size or shape. Naturally hygienic, Latex is so durable the White Night™ mattress never needs to be turned or flipped!

very White Night™ Premium Organic Natural Latex Mattress is rigorously tested to ensure consistent feel across the bed to assure the most supple and durable support available!

Featuring Premium Performance and Ultimate Sleeping Comfort with:

100% Natural Latex Gently Contours To The Body To Promote Proper Support & Pressure Reduced Sleep.

1" Top Layer of Body Contouring Ultra-Plush (18 ILD) 100% Natural Latex Creates An Incredible Responsive & Resilient Sleep Environment.

Advanced Technology of Pin-Core Top Surface Allows Air Movement To Sleep Cooler For More Comfort.

A 2" Layer of Medium-Firm (24 ILD) Cushioning Layer Adjusts To Shape & Weight of Body Providing Progressive Support.

Natural Latex Senses & Responds To Your Body's Weight & Conforms To The Exact Shape of Your Body.

The 6" Ultra-Form 5-Zone (28-32 ILD) Substrate Base Layer Provides Posturized Support For Superior Spinal Alignment & A Heavenly Feel.

Natural Latex Reduces Unwanted Pressure & Improves Circulation For A Deeper, More Restful Slumber.

Progressive Support Layers Consisting Progressively Increasing Density & ILD ensure Proper Support No Matter The Sleeper's Size or Shape.

100% Natural Origin Latex Is Planet Friendly & Biodegradable.

Organic Wool Fiber Is Completely Natural & 100% Biodegradable. Organic Wool Is Extremely Long Lasting & Can Bend Thousands of Times Without Losing Form.

Organic Wool Can Evaporate Moisture In Either A Warming or Cooling Manner - Allowing It To Maintain Warmth In The Winter & Coolness In The Summer.

Organic Wool Fibers Resist Stains & Can Naturally Pass Flame Tests Used In The Bedding Industry Without The Addition Of Chemical Flame Retardants.

Organic Cotton Is Grown Without Chemical Fertilizers or Pesticides For A Healthier Sleep Environment.

Top Panel Is A Resilient Knit Style Organic Cotton Fabric - For Soft, Contouring Comfort.

Side Paneling Is A Tough Twill Style Organic Cotton For Durability & Long Life.

Renowned For It's Comfort, Organic Cotton Is A Biodegradable and A Renewable Resource.

Cover Is Removable and Washable Under The Following Conditions: Cold Water, Gently Cycle, Mild Detergent, Hang/Line Dry. No Wringing, Bleaching or Ironing.

Meets and Exceeds Consumer Products Safety Commission Standards

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